Danburite Sterling silver Pendant. Beautiful and Large (one-off piece) size 98mm x 31mm weight 70g This is a one-off peice please email me if you are interested) Danburite carries a very pure vibration. It activates both the intellect and higher consciousness, as well as connecting to angelic realms. It provides a link to serenity and eternal wisdom and facilitates deep change. Danburite promotes lucid dreaming, brings patience and peace of mind. Wearing Danburite assists you to let go of fear, anxiety and brings emotional healing. It is useful if you are suffering with grief, and it brings courage and  acceptance  in the transition of dying. Danburite brings deep and harmony.

Danburite originates from Danbury, Connecticut, USA, but can now be found in a few other countries as well.

Danburite Sterling Silver Pendant