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Here at Kims crystals, we aspire to not only bring you amazing service and in-depth personal attention, but to provide you with the best quality and experience, we have become so well known for. So please, take a look around.  We offer many services, including, Tarot, phone readings, Palmistry, Reiki, one on one consultations and workshops.  We also offer a wide range of  metaphysicals items, crystals and  we manufacture around 70% of our range of sterling silver Gemstone jewellery,  at unbeliveable prices.


You have the right to be happy. Claim it! . -Kim




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Kim's Predictions for 2019


  • Stock market problems - new forms of money currency progressing

  • Extreme weather conditions - icebergs melting causing more concern


  • Announcements of driver-less cars, more prominent

  • Donald Trump - Health concerns


  • Lady in Parliament, to bring more rights to the people,, (possibly Oprah in 2019/2020)

  • Spanish Economy under pressure

  • Select Cryptocurrency will spike in latter 2019

  • Retail under pressure. Malls redesign to include more  food and entertainment

  • Unusual health warnings for 2019

  • Medical Marijuana to be legalized in Australia under strict conditions

  • More self employed people for 2019, as jobs are lost to artificial intelligence

  • Medical breakthrough for skin disease

  • Very unusual weather conditions - causing havoc

  • Housing market stable this year

  • Advancement in bilingual abilities, with new phone technology launched in 2019

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