Kims Predictions



Kim's Predictions for 2019


  • Stock market problems - new forms of money currency progressing

  • Extreme weather conditions - icebergs melting causing more concern


  • Announcements of driver-less cars, more prominent

  • Donald Trump - Health concerns


  • Lady in Parliament, to bring more rights to the people,, (possibly Oprah in 2019/2020)

  • Spanish Economy under pressure

  • Select Cryptocurrency will spike in latter 2019

  • Retail under pressure. Malls redesign to include more  food and entertainment

  • Unusual health warnings for 2019

  • Medical Marijuana to be legalized in Australia under strict conditions

  • More self employed people for 2019, as jobs are lost to artificial intelligence

  • Medical breakthrough for skin disease

  • Very unusual weather conditions - causing havoc

  • Housing market stable this year

  • Advancement in bilingual abilities, with new phone technology launched in 2019


Kims Predictions for 2017 – February 2017


  •  Big divide in parties in US,

  •  Trouble for Kardashian family and Kanye West,

  • Personal family breakdown.


  •  Prince Harry to announce wedding plans


  •  New phone to be released – lots of talk and a new company of young entrepreneurs to emerge  from America - late 2017/2018


  • Rice fields - a  new disease in the rice fields -under investigation – Health warnings


  • Pot belly - increased dangers for anyone with large bellies - health warnings

  • Bad weather  conditions in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

  • Lost treasure to be found – worth millions

  • Trump turns around economy within 4 months – favourable for America , with a lot of adversity in other areas

  • Trump to turn favourable business ties with Australia


  • Housing market stable this year


  • Something new and encouraging for ladies  –  who have had ovarian tumours or ovary problems - doner eggs to have a higher success rate.


  • Nasty new super bug for 2017 – attacks brain cells, attacking cellular memory


  • By-pass surgery will become a  thing of the past with a new discovery to come in 2017/2019 by inserting stents that will travel to damaged areas.


  • Interference in climate control will start affecting weather conditions unfavourably

  • it will become Very easy to be bilingual with new phone technology launched in 2017/2018

Kim takes us through some of her predictions for 2015 and the events ahead!

Kims Predictions for 2016

  • 2016 will see ill health for Prince Phillip.

  • Severe cold in Northern Hemisphere and severe heat in Southern Hemisphere.

  • China currency under pressure.

  • India’s economy surges forward

  • Hillary Clinton will win the American 2016 Presidential election.

  • The economy of Australia will be under pressure in 2016

  • We will become more conscious of pesticides in 2016 as we witness bees and other insects diminishing in numbers.

  • The Greens party will stand up for many good reforms, and gain popularity.

  • Between 2016 and 2017, the Robotic Industry  will  announce methods  of attempting to  pollinate plants using robotic bees, which causes great concern to consumers.  The rapid use of Robot technology  in every industry increases,  raising  fear as evidence becomes vivid of   the implications it has on our world, with unemployment rising, and the removal of Human responsibilities.

  • Silver prices will rise throughout 2016 and gold prices will remain constant or fall.

  • Negative publicity around Kardashian family.

  • Japan will experience very bad weather conditions in 2016





  • Kims Predictions for 2016 – predicted January 2016

  • We are very excited to give you an Update on Kims Psychic predictions for 2015. We are  pleased to see all her predictions have been accurate.

  • Prediction – ill Health for the Queen- engagement for Harry – birth of a princess
    in June 2015 it was announced that Queen Elizabeth has been battling with ill health and struggling with Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Press speculation that Prince Harry is secretly engaged.

  • Will and Kate had a baby girl on 2/5/2015 and named her Princess Charlette of Cambridge.

  • Prediction - Harry Potter fans would hear exciting news-
    The announcement in 2015 of  the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

  • Prediction – a new car plane to be announced-The new Terra Fugia and other car planes have been announced that will travel short distances.

  • Prediction of uprisings and rebellions very prominent in 2015
    2015 has seen many rebellions around the world – just to name a few – Baltimore, Turkey, Thailand etc……… it has been a year of disruption and chaos, with many individual standing up for their rights.

  • Prediction – legalisation of Medical Marijuana and the truth about cancer will be revealed.
    Medical Marijuana is under review on a National level and is expected to be passed sometime in 2016.
    The National Cancer Institute has stated that canneboids do fight cancer.

  • Prediction – Bee Population diminishing
    37 million bees have recently died in Canada after coming in contact with genetically modified corn. Bees have been affected all over the world, in different ways.

  • Prediction – the Pope will travel extensively
    Not only has the Pope travelled across the Globe, but he has been Humble and supportive to many different Ethnic groups.

  • Prediction - Cure for Balding
    Scientists have discovered that by extracting over 200 hair follicles – double will return.

  • Prediction - Russia and China will have strong business ties
    We are seeing the emergence of a dual power structure in Central Asia, with China as the dominant economic power and Russia as the big security player.

  • Prediction-  Migraine cure from the ocean
    On 1st Dec  2015 scientist released a document relating to a new nerve drug, which could finally prevent migraines,  after studying fertility in sea urchins. Trials are underway.

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