How to Charge and Cleanse your Crystals - SOUND VIBRATIONS

crystals inside a Tibetan singing bowl ready for cleansing

A lovely gentle method that we really enjoy using to cleanse crystals is Sound cleansing. It helps if you have a chime, tuning fork or singing bowl, but you can even use your own voice to cleanse your crystals!

You can sing a song you made up, you can chant, hum or even whistle.

The important aspect of this method is that the song comes from a genuine place, no need to be nervous or self conscious. Connect to your highest self and draw your sound out from there.

If you have a Tibetan singing bowl, you can place your crystals directly within the bowl for cleansing, or you could put a little bit of fresh water within the bowl (first check to see that your crystal is water safe), and place the crystals in the water, that way you can actually see the vibrations as they cleanse your crystals.

Another option is to place the crystals around the outside of your bowl.

If you choose to use your own voice to cleanse your crystals you can hold the crystals in your hand while you sing, make sure to keep your intentions within your mind while you do this. If you have a beloved healing song or prayer you can sing that to your crystals!

These crystals are learning your music, they want to connect to your energy, so be honest and raw. You'll be amazed to see how powerful this method can be!

We recommend cleansing your crystals every 1-2 months.

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