How to select your crystals.

Updated: Jan 13

Picking the right crystal can seem a very daunting task, especially when they are all just so beautiful, they sparkle and seem so full of magic, but how do you know which one is calling to you? How do you know which crystal is the right one for you?

Well today we are going to give you some of our tips on how to choose the right crystal for you, so that you can build the best relationships possible with your beloved crystals and gemstones.

Let's get right into it.

Many believe that every crystal has a name on it, and it will wait for the appropriate person to select it.

These are the crystals that are waiting for you to find them. They want to be with you, they call out to you. You may not feel it yet, but they are doing their best to get you to focus on them.

When you enter a shop and you first look at the crystals, you will find yourself drawn to a particular crystal, even when you move past that crystal you will find yourself wanting to return to it, and you will feel the impulse to hold it in your hand.

If you feel you don't want to put the crystal down that is good indication of the crystal wanting to come home with you.

Some people are drawn to a crystal by vision, some people hover their hand over crystals and feel a vibration from a specific crystal, which is also an indication the crystal wants to come home with you. To do this you ground yourself as best you can, and slowly move your hands over the crystals, asking the crystal that wants to be with you to let it be known.

Feel the energy differences as you hover over each crystal. What do you feel? Warmth? A sort of humming maybe? If so, then this crystal is probably calling to you. If you don't really feel anything then move on until you do.

If you can learn to select the right crystals you will find they enhance your powers, your practice and your home. They will happily connect with you and work with you for the longest time possible.

Whereas, if you pick a crystal based on other methods you may find that your energies just never align, you may lose the crystal or it may decide to break one day as a sign that it does not want to work with you. “Crystals can be fickle! But they can also be incredibly powerful allies, it's all about picking the right one."

We like to think that these aren't the only ways to select crystals, but these are the common most effective ways. If you have your own methods and tips for selecting crystals we'd love to hear them, so get in touch!

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