How to Charge and Cleanse your Crystals - MOONLIGHT

Updated: Apr 8

a crystal in the cool moonlight ready for cleansing

The Moon has always been a mysterious force that is so intimately connection to intuition and the unseen energies. It's soft reflected glow guides us through the darkness of the night. So it is understandable that we would feel the power of the Moon very deeply, and why it makes for such a potent cleansing method.

You can leave your crystals in the moonlight, maybe on a windowsill or somewhere safe ( and out of the weather) in the garden during the night to cleanse and charge.

You can leave them out for a few hours, or you can leave them out over night. Be sure to collect your crystals before the Sunlight touches them as we are attempting to charge these crystals with pure moonlight, nothing else!

Some tips we have for Moonlight charging are:

Check the Moon Phase -

Full Moons are great for recharging and purifying energy, this is when the energy of the Moon is at her peak.

New Moons help with, new beginnings, resetting and shadow work. The Moons energy is at the seed stage, waiting to burst out!

Check what sign the Moon is in –

The Moon changes star signs every 2 and a half days, so you might be able to line up the sign and the Phase of the Moon giving you a super charged cleansing!

Use water signs for emotional cleansing, Air signs for mental cleansing, Earth signs for physical cleansing and Fire signs for creative cleansing!

We recommend cleansing your crystals every 1-2 months.

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