Setting your intention once you have selected and purchased your crystals

hand holding Angel Aura crystal heart on pink background

To amplify the powers of your crystal you can set an intention or affirmation. You can do this when you first get your new crystal, and again whenever is needed.

Every crystal will support and help you through different issue and stages in your life

Once you have been drawn to your crystal read up about its properties, this will help you to set your intention. For example, if you purchase a Rose Quartz the basic properties are love, compassion and understanding, so you may set an intention relating to those themes.

Let's set out intention!

✨ Place your crystal in your less dominant hand and cover it with your dominant hand.

✨ Allow yourself time to relax and breathe deeply.

✨ Draw Energy from the Universe through your Crown Chakra (the top of your head) and send it into your dominant hand.

✨ Feel your thoughts and intentions moving into your crystal heightening it's energy to work for you.

✨ Once you have set your intention, place your crystal where you can see it to remind you of that intention, affirmation or mantra, every time you look to the crystal you can remind yourself of the special intention it holds within it.

Remember! Crystals are very good at holding and storing energy.

We encourage you to touch and feel your crystal often, holding your charged crystal in your hands will allow their subtle energies to alter your vibration by using the intentions you had set within the crystal originally.

Many people ask if they can combine crystals, and our answer is yes, as long as you understand the intention. Use crystals that compliment each other.

For example, Moonstone works really well with rose quartz, especially if you are trying to increase your fertility as their energies balance well.

The only time using combined crystals may not work is if you use too many crystals with conflicting energies, it would be like putting too many flavours into one dish.

When it comes to combining crystals use your own discretion and do what feels right for you.

If you feel great with a rainbow of crystals up your arm go for it, but if you prefer to stick to one or two that is great too.

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