Water Element Crystals - For Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

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Pisces (19 Feb - 21 Mar) - Aquamarine, Amethyst, Fluorite and Moonstone.

SYMBOL: Two fish swimming in opposite directions

PLANET: Neptune (Jupiter)

FLOWER: Water Lily Feminine, Double Bodied | Mutable Water Pisceans, ruled by Neptune (or Jupiter in Ancient Astrology) are gentle creatures who hold great emotion and empathy in their hearts. They are romantic and mystical and they love a touch of pleasure and indulgence. They are also incredibly imaginative beings that love to day dream.

At times, Pisceans can let the weight of emotion build too high and it can lead to heaviness of heart or a tendency for sadness. As the dreamy intuitive of the zodiac, Pisces thrives when assisted by Aquamarine as it brings emotional clarity, and healing blue stones can help them to find their inner strength.

Use Aquamarine for:

  • Calming/ Reducing stress.

  • Clearing blockages.

  • Improving communication.

  • Self development.

Some more great Pisces crystals are:

Fluorite Focus and Clarity. Fluorite pulls the plug on negative thought patterns and invites peaceful prosperity. This can help Pisces to move away from those Negative thought patterns.

Moonstone Enhances intuition, allows acceptance and offers protection.

Amethyst - Enhances spirituality, intuition and meditation. It is extremely protective and healing. The metaphysical properties of Amethyst are calmness, balance, and peace.

Clear Quartz Clarity. Removes blockages and aids in concentration. Restores and amplifies energies.

Selenite Purity and Healing. Brings peace and balance.

Whether you are a Pisces, Sun, Moon or Rising these crystals can be really helpful for working with growth and blockages.


Cancer (21 Jun - 23 Jul) - Emerald, Ruby, Pearl and Moonstone.

SYMBOL: The Crab

PLANET: Moon FLOWER: White Rose Feminine | Cardinal Water Cancer, who is ruled by the Moon is known to as the gateway to life, where the seeds of life are born in the mystic waters. Cancer is synonymous with family, the home, love, and with romance and passion.

With a dazzling colours in different shades, Ruby is a superb birthstone for Cancer. Its deep red colour radiates intensely the same way that its energy does, stimulating passion and vitality for life that Cancer already craves.

Cancers are the 'Mother/Parent' of the Zodiac, they love their family and their home more than anything, and they will defend their close family and friends fiercely. They love with all the passion in their heart, so are very easily hurt. They find peace an comfort in spending time at home. They will spend much time on making their home comfortable and enjoyable.

Use Ruby for:

  • Passion and firing up enthusiasm.

  • Sociable stone.

  • Heightened awareness.

  • Dynamic leadership.

Some more great Cancer crystals are:

Pearl – Water element organic gem that encourages purity and authenticity when Cancers need it most.

Moonstone Enhances intuition, allows acceptance and offers protection. This stone represents Cancer's ruling planet; the Moon.

Emerald - Enhances patience, fortitude and grit. Helpful for good fortune and a happy married life.

Whether you are a Cancer, Sun, Moon or Rising these crystals can be really helpful for working with growth and blockages.


Scorpio (23 Oct - 22 Nov) - Labradorite, Topaz, Citrine and Tourmaline.

SYMBOL: The Scorpion

PLANET: Pluto (Mars) FLOWER: Geranium Feminine | Fixed Water Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (or in Ancient Astrology, Mars) and likewise Scorpios are known to be penetrating, secretive and sexual.

Scorpions tend to stick to the shadows and that is a thing Scorpios love, the unknown, the occult and the mystical.

Scorpio people can be hypnotic, powerful and determined, but they can have a tendency towards jealousy, possessiveness and secretiveness.

The planet Pluto rules over the gemstone Topaz which can come in many different colours, most commonly seen as golden yellow or pale blue, and it is the perfect stone for Scorpios!

Topaz can help Scorpios in the improvement and purification of animal nature. What’s more, it is said to boost the powers to higher planes of expression. This stone’s rousing properties will give an extra boost to magical workings. On the other hand, its electrifying nature will magnetize the whole being of the wearer, so be careful with all that power!

With the help of Topaz Scorpios are charged with greater capabilities to become more creative, focused, keen, and aware.

Use Topaz for:

  • Loving positive vibrations.

  • Promotes truth and forgiveness.

  • Brings joy, generosity, abundance.

  • Promotes openness and honesty

Some more great Scorpio crystals are:

Citrine It assists with Scorpio’s already prominent motivation to accomplish anything they put their minds on. Citrine illuminates what Scorpios should manifest in their life. It supercharges a Scorpio's will and capacity to accomplish their dreams.

Labradorite A really great stone for Scorpios! It will aid through transformations, impart strength, and help grow endurance. Labradorite will also help amplify a Scorpio's natural intuitiveness and encourage those around to look closer and bask in the glow of Scorpio's magic.

Tourmaline - Black Tourmaline will definitely help Scorpio during dark seasons. This crystal not only rids any negativity but will give Scorpios a boost of confidence during troubling times.

Whether you are a Scorpio, Sun, Moon or Rising these crystals can be really helpful for working with growth and blockages.

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