How to Charge and Cleanse your Crystals.

Updated: Apr 8

So you just picked up a new crystal or two, you know that they need a cleansing before you can work with them, and you aren't quite sure where to begin.

There are many methods you can use to cleanse your crystal of negative, dense unwanted energy.

Listed below are just a few of the methods you could use to cleanse your new crystals.


You can leave your crystals in the sunlight to cleanse and charge. Be careful with this method as many types of crystals fade in the sunlight. For more on this method, check out our blog post!

You can find a list of some of the crystals that fade in the sunlight here.


Placing your crystal preferably in a Full Moon or New Moon and leaving it overnight to charge can impart the energies of the Moon, and will change depending on what sign the Moon is in!

For more on this method, check out our blog post!


Leaving your crystals out in a fresh rain storm can be powerfully cleansing.

If using a running stream, put your crystal in an organza bag and place that into a running stream to rid them of unwanted negative energy.

Make sure to check our Crystal Care list to see if the crystal is water safe as some crystals degrade or become toxic in water.

For more on this method check out our blog post.


Smudge them with a Sage stick, Palo Santo or incense.

Allow the smoke to fully cover the crystal as much as possible, take your time with this process!

For more on how to smoke cleanse check out our blog post "How to sage your house to clear negative energy". or you can check out our smoke cleansing method here.


Play the Tibetan Singing bowls or tuning forks to cleanse your crystals. This can be deeply healing and connecting for both you and your new crystal.

For more on this method, check out our blog post.


Bury them underground for 24 hours, the longer you bury them the deeper the cleansing. Many crystals come from deep within the Earth so this method can really boost them!

For more on this method, check out our blog post.

★★★ Our preferred method ★★★

  1. Place your crystals under tap water and allow the water to flow onto your crystals.

  2. Use paper towel or a fine cloth to dry your crystal.

  3. Place your crystal in your less dominant hand with your dominant hand on top.

  4. Draw universal loving, healing energy from the universe and send it to your crystal from your top hand, releasing all unwanted negative energy and filling it with pure love and light.

You can re-set your intention as many times as you wish, to remind yourself and your crystal of your intentions. The more intense you feel and imagine these thoughts and intentions the more powerful your crystal and thoughts will become.

We recommend cleansing your crystals every 1-2 months.

Remember! Crystals are very good at holding and storing energy.

We encourage you to touch and feel your crystal often, holding your charged crystal in your hands will allow their subtle energies to alter your vibration by using the intentions you had set within the crystal originally.

The tips of our fingers can sense these subtle energies, and when touching your crystal they will send signals directly to the brain every time you touch your charged crystal.

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